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    For Happier Employees, Learn To Give More Gratitude Than “Thx”

    We all know happier companies make more money—and nothing makes for happier employees than learning how to show real gratitude for what they do. Here are some pointers to get you started today.

    How to really say thank you

    Goulston lays out three steps for getting good at giving gratitude: 

    1. Be precise: Thank the person specifically for their exceptional actions: Tell them what they’re doing awesome.
    2. Acknowledge the effort: Note the personal cost of their getting it done. If they work through the weekend, appreciate the social and family costs.
    3. Share your stakeholdership: Make a point of how their great work helps your work, show how you’re in this together.

    Developing a sense of how to show gratitude is a leadership key—one that can help you (and your employees) reach their potential.

    Here’s the full story. Want more? 

    How To Give A Meaningful “Thank You”

    Gratitude. It’s whats for dinner.

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    YES. THIS. I count 3 great bosses in my time. The first and best being Sean Pfitz from Sosauce days, and the other 2 are...
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    Gratitude. It’s whats for dinner.
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    Not just in business… Do this with EVERYONE in your life. You will get as much out of it as they do.
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    Agradecer é diferente de reconhecer! Um “obrigado” sai automático - questão de educação. Agora parar e demonstrar para...
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    How my company says thank you: Thanks for working so hard! People are important! Btw you don’t get Christmas eve off,...
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